Sustainability is one of today’s crucial business challenges. We view sustainability as a core corporate value and truly recognize our responsibility towards good environmental stewardship. We operate our management and professional activities in a way that not only protects the natural resources but creates opportunities that will benefit those who work for us and with us, as well as the wider community.

In corporate responsibility we are committed to:

Encourage staff and other third-parties associated with our company to incorporate an informed approach to sustainability within their work and operations
Work in a way that balances social and economic impact
Provide equal and fair treatment to employees and to the third parties involved in our supply chain
Promote a process to make our company more efficient and competitive
Operate in a way that prevents any adverse impact to the communities where we work, live and do business

In service delivery we are dedicated to:

Reduce our impact on the environment and implement waste reduction manufacturing processes along with recycling, reuse and recovery strategies and practices. For this purpose in all our manufacturing facilities saw dust and wood waste are collected and used to provide energy and steam for heating and wood drying.
Reduce our carbon footprint. We promote low carbon designs and materials and adopt sustainable construction practices including the use of low volatile organic carbon (VOC) emitting stains and lacquers.
Maximize efficient use of energy and materials. We keep a careful watch on all our operations, tracking our water and energy consumption and use renewable energy sources such as sunlight to provide electric power to our plants.
Develop sustainable procedures across our entire supply chain. Wherever possible we source raw materials and timber from responsibly managed forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and use prefabricated components built with 100% recycled wood and complying with the European Formaldehyde Class E1 standards.
Train our employees to encourage the promotion of the principles and procedures of sustainability.
Develop easily recyclable products and sustainable interior solutions with a long term lifecycle and low environmental impact.